Don't Hate Just Innovate White Tee


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DON’T HATE JUST INNOVATE: Inspired by the visionary Steve Jobs and his 2005 Harvard Commencement speech, Don’t Hate Just Innovate is an homage to the journey of entrepreneurship, passion and creativity. Jobs shared his experiences of connecting the dots, love and loss, and the weight of inevitable death. This collection is a reminder to utilize your resources as you build your own company. It is a reminder that every loss creates a new journey for us, and that it’s important to create with love in both the business and personal realms of life. Don’t settle for anything less than doing what you love. Have no fear of becoming who you wish to be. Speak no ill of the trends if you’re not ushering in new, fresh concepts. Ultimately, we will all face our last day on Earth, so make sure you lived it by the guidance of your inner voice, heart and intuition. Make sure you used your time on Earth to innovate.