Mexico Lindo Tee


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MEXICO LINDO: Inspired by Mexican and Chicano culture, this design is a collage that was originally hand drawn by artist Jim Escobedo. The 1964 Chevy Impala is iconic in Chicano car culture. It has been referenced in countless songs, photos, and is always an important part of any car crew. The Aztec warrior holding his princess comes from the Leyenda de Volcanes (Legend of the Volcanos), one of Mexico’s most popular loves stories. Accounts of the legend vary, but they all tell the tale of lovers who rest in eternity together and we’re transformed by the gods into a mountain and neighboring volcano that make up the landscape southeast of Mexico City. The Tonalpolualli (day-count) is often referred to as the Aztec calendar. It’s one of the few pieces of Pre-Colombian understanding of the cosmos that still exists today. Featuring the god of the sun, Tonatiuh, the circular design is thought to represent movement. The stone was discovered in the ruins of Mexico City’s zocalo and is currently on display in the city’s museum of anthropology.